American rapper, songwriter and television personality , Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar popularly known as Cardi B states that celebrities are being paid to say they have contracted the coronavirus.

The Actress who was recently in Ghana for a concert went on Instagram Live on Saturday night where she shared her own logic about the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Let’s say if I have the coronavirus right now. How am I supposed to know I got it because sometimes I be like, ‘If y’all have a cough, you have it,’” she said. “But then I be seeing these basketball players say like, ‘Yeah, I have the coronavirus, but I don’t got no symptoms.’ So how the phyuk am I supposed to know when I’m supposed to get tested for it? Y’all ni**as is playing with me. That’s my problem right there.”she says

During her IG Live, Cardi also questioned the fact that celebrities are being paid to say they have the infectious disease. “I’m starting to feel like y’all niggas is paying niggas to say that they got it,”
She added.

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