In the early hours of Wednesday 7th August. The Ibadan based entertainer & graphics designer Oyedeji Oluwasegun Emmanuel popularly known as King Lana was on his way to school, when the police men stopped him along Ikolaba / Bodija ibadan. According to the designer.
I was arrested and harassed today by Nigerian Police on my way to school along Ikolaba / Bodija, I was on a bike when they stopped us they ask me what I do for a living, I told them am a graphic designer and also a student of University of Ibadan, I tendered my ID Card, He searched my bag and phone I have no illegal item I have a legit business, the police said have I registered my company? I said no he said am under arrest for designing without , and am paying 10k for designing without registration no. He said am a big boy with my look so 10k last, he gave account number. Am not a yahoo boy, am a student surviving on my own.

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