Name: Happiness Mbuk
Stage name: Bukky H
Age: 22
A graduate of akwa-ibom state college of education.
Bukky H Murder
Bukky H Murder

All my niqqurs see me holla
I know I do feel naughty but I gat to let their feelings down
Call me bad man drug dealer
He think he’s goddamn dope ….
He’s a goons goons motherfucker
Am here to murder…
Clear road cos am here to murder
Am here to murder…
Clear road cos am here to murder
Rap 1:
Yo’ niqqurs wanna fake me a first class Nicki old in d game u gat to b kidding me
So get stretched out like a sweat panton a fat hole am about to blow a gunshot
Am loosed from d chains
Cos I gat hot blood flowing in my veins
Swallow ur hands clap for me
U fucken’ step on my heel
Don’t know how I feel
Wait…..oh God is dat how to make a plea
Your actions got me pregnant I’ll abort it with no mercy
Drive em’ bad bitch crazy
Isuk inam ntom mmi afid afid isua
Ibre ibak ye ibak idoho mkpo inua
Nto nduk using ewuo eyoho nte udua
Ete eyen Adam ado Asian ntuk uboikpa
Flowing so sick like a running nose
Swear my life is a bitch gat no one to fuck..

Bridge: don’t play with my feelings else am gonna get u murdered…2x chorus

Mehn I gad cash on ma pocket
Look how am feelin” 24/7 am drippin”
Coutin” ma blessins I feel like a boss
Your bitches are watchin” they lookin so lost
You gad to pay for my strength, pay for my gang you gad to pay for our time
All of my chain” lookin” sunny
My money lookin” so tick nigga u can’t stop me…
When I’m gud I’m best
When I’m bad I’m worst
When u’re gud u’re gud
When u’re bad am ur dad
You see the rest of my life??
I’ll make it the best of my life!
Bukky she came here to murder
But she knows ah came here to fada

Listen and Download “Murder” by “Bukky H ft. kLAUz“.

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